CEO Editoriale

CEO Editoriale


The interest in custom‑made implants is evident in several surgical specialities, foremost among them plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. In its mission to correct numerous congenital and acquired deformities, plastic surgery finds that custom‑made implants provide the best solution in terms of accuracy, safety and comfort.

The advances in 3D imaging and computerised reconstruction (CAD) moved at such lightning speed over the last ten years making "custom‑made" implants a reality and fully accessible.

AnatomikModeling, with its strong clinical experience, is at the forefront in this area, with several hundreds of cases of thoracic and limb reconstruction under its belt. In first place is Pectus Excavatum correction by silicone gum implants. Patients and the medical body appreciate both the quality of the results and the easy procedure and postoperative follow‑ups.The same technique has also been successfully used in correcting muscular atrophy of the thorax (Poland Syndrome) and the legs (polio)

We are proud of our role as pioneers and leaders in this field. Since then, our objective has been to have this technique made available to a larger number of people in Europe and throughout the world. No doubt we can attribute to our rise to the quality and innovation for a vast majority of patients and surgeon satisfaction.

Jean-Pierre Chavoin, Ph.D, AnatomikModeling CEO

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