Intervista di Franck Duteille, Ph.D, Nantes

Intervista di Franck Duteille, Ph.D, Nantes


Franck Duteille PhD explains why the 3D implant technic is the most adequate to treat Pectus ExcavatumPoland Syndrome, or muscle deficiency

How long have you known about the technique of custom implants for pectus excavatum?

I have known about this technique for a little more than 6 years if memory serves me correctly.

In what way would you say that this technique differs from the others?

This technique is more accurate and it makes a surgeon’s life easier as he no longer has to “recut” the implants for them to fit better into the cavity.

How does the patient benefit from this?

It has made pre-operative organisation and the visual display of the defect easier and outcomes have been improved.

What do you think the future holds for “3D surgery” and custom‑made?

This technique has a great future ahead of it in several areas of reconstruction. Due to the accuracy obtained, you can now reconstruct the adequate volume into the desired shape.


Franck Duteille, PhD - Platic Surgery Department, Nantes University Hospital

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