Design of 3D anatomical models

3D Anatomical Models

AnatomikModeling offers surgeons and healthcare professionals 3D modeling and printing of anatomical models to reproduce part of the patient's body.

This anatomical model may help with pre-operative visualisation, or as a training tool.


3D Printing of Anatomical Models

Anatomical model of a human pelvis

AnatomikModeling operates in the following areas: maxillo-facial (jaw, skull, etc.), orthopaedic surgery (pelvis, vertebra, joints, etc.), and pulmonology (trachea, bronchial tubes, etc.). These models are constructed from medical or scientific data such MRIs, CT scans, micro-CTs, and 3D scans, etc.

Our skills in the domain of 3D processing in medical imaging allows us to carry out the high-fidelity 3D printing of complex, pathological anatomical structures.

Pre-operative visualization

Anatomical model of male mandibles

Every individual is unique. The complexity of the human body makes using 3D-printed anatomical models ideal to prepare surgeons for the surgical procedure.

In practice, it is preferable that healthcare professionals have a substantial 3D model of the patient's anatomy at their disposal, rather than simple 2D views derived from medical imaging. In effect, this allows a surgical procedure to be studied, prepared, and even simulated in advance.


Training Tool

The use of 3D-printed anatomical models to train future surgeons could be preferable to training through dissection. It is a more flexible and economical procedure which allows a better representation of specific pathologies. 

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