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Pectus Excavatum
3D custom-made implants treatment
Pectus Excavatum
First Worldwide 3D Custom Made Airway Stents
Innovation in Respiratory Medicine
First Worldwide 3D Custom Made Airway Stents
Innovation in Respiratory Medicine

Design of 3D custom-made implants

AnatomikModeling designs and develops custom-made implants that are perfectly fitting each patient’s anatomy, for the low invasive treatment of pathologies such as Pectus Excavatum or Poland Syndrom.

AnatomikModeling is the result of 10 years of close collaboration with Toulouse University Hospital, gathering advanced reconstructive surgery and innovative 3D modeling technologies.

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Pectus Excavatum innovation

Treatment of Pectus Excavatum

Correction of the thoracic malformation using 3D custom-made implant adapted to each anatomy.

Poland Syndrome - Custom-made implant

Treatment of Poland Syndrome

Correction of the absence of the pectoralis muscle with 3D custom-made implant adapted to each anatomy.

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  • The advantage of the filling technique through 3D implant is the simplicity compared to other orthopedic techniques like Ravitch or Nuss. This really is a minimally invasive surgery where no bones are touched, less painful and with an immediate final result.

    The prothesis perfectly finnling the hole in the chest, patients are satisfied with the result the next morning, which can direclty be seen.

    Pr Assouad, Dr Debrosse, chirurgiens thoraciques, Hôpital Tenon à Paris
  • I became aware of the possibility of inserting prosthesis in the chest by the Meyer hospital in Florence.

    I went there years before (at the age of 15) to get an operation with the Nuss technique to correct a deep and large sunken chest coupled with a breast asymmetry.

    The bar, over time, and following a series of events, did not guarantee an optimal correction. For this reason, after the removal of the bar, I was proposed to optimize the result with an implant.

    In May (2019) I underwent an implant surgery at the Meyer hospital which succeeded with a great outcome.

    I did not sense the prosthesis as an oppressive foreign body (as it happened with the bar) but only a slight pressure associated with a sense of generalized weakening.

    The day following the operation, I was able to get up. the aspirations (of remaining serum) were annoying but not painful and the swelling that was initially very large after the first week started to decrease.

    The pain was immediately well managed and contained during the entire process, becoming more accentuated only when performing certain movements and maintaining certain positions (such as standing up autonomously from lying down, sleeping on my side or stretching my arms completely upwards).

    The chest now appears uniform and at the same level and the breast asymmetry is almost completely resolved.

    If I had to compare the implant surgery with my previous surgery experience, I would say that it was less destabilizing and less complex from both physical and psychological point of view.

    A few weeks later I can tell that even if I have not yet fully regained my freedom of movement, still maintaining some caution, I am satisfied with the outcome, having the desired result.

    Arianna, Firenze (Italia)
  • Our warmest thanks to the AnatomikModeling team and to Prof. Chavoin which allow us to offer a valid alternative to orthopaedic techniques for patients with pectus excavatum. It is now possible to correct the hollowed chest with an operation that includes a stay of one or two days and a modest post-operative discomfort controllable with non-opioid painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. The result is immediately visible. The prosthesis, once integrated by the body, can remain in place for a lifetime. The literature shows that over 6,000 procedures have been performed over the past 15 years and we are proud to be able to help our patients.

    Dr. Facchini, Pr. Messineo - Paediatric Surgery Department, Florence (Italy)
  • We have recently incorporated in our experience in the correction of the Pectus Excavatum the 3D custom-made implants technology. It is a safe, reliable technique that yields excellent results in a single surgical procedure that is always done extrathoracically and is minimally invasive. The reproducibility of the surgery allows to obtain great aesthetic improvements even in patients who have been previously operated through invasive repair techniques and, above all, in the cases of asymmetric Pectus Excavatum.


    Dr. Hernández, Dr. Fibla, Dr. Molins - Thoracic Surgery, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Before the operation I was self-conscious about taking my shirt off in public or doing any water based activities. I said to my dad I would like to see if there is anything out there that can fix my chest. After looking at various surgery’s I was more interested in just a cosmetic fix. That’s when my dad found this solution on internet. The surgeon explained the surgery very well and was happy to answer any questions we had. On the day of the surgery, he made sure I was okay beforehand and after. The surgery went well. He could not help us enough. I have healed fast and the results are fantastic.

    Edward, 19 years old, West Yorkshire (UK)