Pectus Excavatum implant


We are always looking for new medical techniques to provide the practicians and the patients the best aesthetic and functional results.

And to find innovative solutions to pathologies that are poorly treated today, using 3D technologies. For example in the field of Maxillofacial and Pulmonology.


Research and innovation

Our implants always rely on the last innovations in the fields of medical data processing, 3D printing, simulation of mathematical algorithms, and computer-aided 3D-designing processes. 

Our research also covers even technical intervention: facilitating the placement of implants, postoperative relief, treatment of new diseases…

Beyond our own expertise, we always rely on the feedback of our network of referral surgeons to innovate, as well as on the technical know-how of our industrial partners.



AnatomikModeling explores all areas of reconstructive surgery to identify the indications that justify the contribution of custom-made: cranioplasty, atrophy of the upper limbs ... Our research also relates to pneumology, where we are conducting clinical studies with the Toulouse University Hospital, in order to provide new solutions to patients suffering from airways' deficiencies. Finally, we are working with the Toulouse Canceropole  for the design of cutting guides for the reconstruction of the mandible from the fibula bone ...

AnatomikModeling also offers healthcare professionals a range of services: 3D visualisations, 3D printing, etc. of pathological anatomical models to prepare and plan complex interventions.

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AnatomikModeling winner of the Inn’Ovations 2017 competition in the Life, Health and Well-being category

AnatomikModeling, winner of the Inn’Ovations 2017 award

AnatomikModeling rose to the Vie, santé, bien-être, sécurité alimentaire, défi démographique (Life, health, well-being, and food safety demographic challenge) in the 36th edition of of the Inn'Ovations competition organised by the Occitania region/Agence Madeeli, by putting forward one of the most innovative projects: custom-made 3D tracheobronchial stents allowing different pathologies of the airways (bronchial tubes, trachea) to be treated.