Breast asymmetry caused by Pectus Excavatum

Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry results from a difference in the appearance of the two breasts as regards their size, shape and orientation.

AnatomikModeling's 3D custom-made silicone implants are an essential step to correct a breast asymmetry induced by thoracic deformity such as a Pectus Excavatum or a Poland Syndrome.


Symptoms and causes

A congenital thoracic malformation like Pectus or Poland alters the anatomy of the anterior thoracic base and affects the appearance, position and orientation of the breasts.

Pectus Excavatum can be at the origin of women breast defects : Convergence, divergence, asymmetry. Poland Syndrome is also frequently associated with asymmetry, sometimes with a phenomenon of tuberous breasts.

Treatment of breast asymmetry

The first step is always to correct the thoracic malformation. This allows reconstruction, through the breast base, of an anatomically normal and symmetrical profile. Breast implants are not a first-line solution: the thoracic deformity must be corrected first of all.

A 2-phase procedure is required: firstly involving the custom-made thoracic implant, followed 6 months later (on average) by the placement of breast implants, if required. 

Thoracic correction may be sometimes all that is needed for the restructuring of the chest. 

If there is insufficient mammary volume in the breasts (breast hypotrophy), a secondary breast enlargement will be performed using one or two silicone gel implants, in a different plane to the thoracic implant.

If the breast implants are already in place at the time of the operation, particularly in a retromuscular position, (Pectus), it is recommended that they are removed and the customised 3-D thoracic implants are placed in the retromuscular position. This avoids displacement of the breast implants, one against the other, and the appearance of an unattractive «synmastia».

Drawing of breast asymmetry caused by Pectus Excavatum with slight convergence

Pectus type 1 - slight convergence

Breast asymmetry pattern caused by Pectus Excavatum with strong convergence

Pectus type 2 - strong convergence

Breast asymmetry pattern caused by Pectus Excavatum with strong asymmetry

Pectus type 3 - asymmetry


Breast asymmetry due to Pectus Excavatum or Poland Syndrom can be treated with a 3D custom made implant.



This is the same problem as with a house: if the walls are not straight the roof is not straight. Sometimes, only with the custom-made chest implant, you can have complete correction of the breast asymmetry. But it can happen to add a breast implant later.

Pr Caroline François, CHU de Reims (France)


Having been affected by a deep asymmetric Pectus Excavatum, I suffered a lot from a psychological point of view, especially during adolescence. First, they suggested me the Sternochrondroplasty procedure, but this procedure put me off because it was too invasive.

Sarah, 34 years old, Arras