Picture of Dr Behrendt with a patient's testimony

Testimonial of a Pectus Excavatum Correction with Dr. Behrendt

In this testimonial, M.B. shares his experiences leading up to the pectus excavatum correction, discusses his decision to consult with Dr. Behrendt at Sentruper Höhe, and describes the lasting impact of this procedure on his life.


The interview was performed by Mr. Schmidt from Praxis Sentruper Höhe (Münster) in December 2023. M.B. was operated from a Pectus Excavatum by Dr Berhendt in December 2023.

Mr. Schmidt: Mr. B., thank you for sharing your experience with us today.

Mr. B.: Of course, it is important for me to talk about pectus excavatum, especially if it can help enlighten many people who may have gone through similar experiences about this pathology and how to correct it.

3D design of the patient's body showing its pectus

How did you became aware of your pectus excavatum?

The sunken chest left a huge mark in my life as it made me suffer until my surgery with Dr. Behrendt. At the age of 8, I experienced a humiliating incident during sports that was so impactful that it changed my life permanently. From that day, shame became my constant companion.

At 11, during a summer vacation, I suddenly felt heart palpitations, which was the moment where my parents consciously noticed that something were wrong with my chest. It led to a series of examinations and numerous visits to pediatricians and specialists. The diagnosis was pectus excavatum and scoliosis, leading to physiotherapy for several years. At that point, as a child, I realized that I was not normal.

You do not imagine how a hole in the chest affecs a young boy going through puberty. I shot myself away. I came up with all sorts of excuses to avoid swimming lessons and devised clever strategies to hide my pectus excavatum during physical education or football training. As I got older and started meeting women, my shame became a veritable wall. Whenever I got close to someone, this strong sense of shame overwhelmed me, along with the concern about how the other person would react. I felt into depression.

My depression was mainly caused by social isolation and a prolonged feelings of shame. At a crucial moment, I decided to seek professional help and get a treatment. I gathered the courage to book a consultation at a clinic in Münster. However, they advised against pectus excavatum correction as it did not seem strictly necessary for them. Shortly after, I met my wife, who had absolutely no problem with my physical peculiarity and accepted me as I was. That gave me a boost. Nevertheless, I was still using tricks to conceal or hide my pectus excavatum – for example when I had to go to the swimming pool.


How did you learn about the pectus excavatum correction with Dr. Behrendt?

I discovered the Sentruper Höhe practice through an advertisement. After a call and a conversation with Mr. Schmidt, I quickly got a consultation appointment with Dr. Behrendt.

What was your impression of the practice and Dr. Behrendt?

My impression of the practice was very positive. I was surprised of how much time everyone took for me. I felt really comfortable in the practice. Dr. Behrendt discussed all the options with me and provided all the essential information – from the procedure's details and possible risks to postoperative care. He explained how the 3D X-ray scan is used to create an exact impression of the chest, mandatory for a specialist to create the custom-made implant.

How was your surgery day?

On the morning of my surgery, I entered the surgical center of the Aasee Clinic. Naturally, I was a bit nervous, but it was a good kind of nervousness. Before the procedure, Dr. Behrendt took the time to discuss everything with me once again. He let me see my personnalized implant. After marking everything on my skin, I went into the operating room. The surgery went very smoothly.

3D images of the patient's skeleton with the 3D implant

After the operation, I had some pain, but nothing that couldn't be quickly managed with pain medication. Dr. Behrendt personally came by, inquired about my well-being, and explained me the next steps.

How are you feeling today?

It's been 14 days since I've returned home and I'm feeling pretty good. During my recovery, I hardly had any pain, at most workout stiffness. I am overjoyed and relieved. In January, I can finally remove the strap. Then, shopping is on the agenda, and I'm looking forward to the new experience of being able to go to the swimming pool relaxed.

In conclusion, I want to address something important. It's really unfortunate that health insurance does not support this operation. It could likely help many people with a similar problem, and perhaps even save money for other health measures.

Before/after images of the patient chest treated with 3D custom-made implants

With my story, I want to particularly raise awareness among parents: Pectus Excavatum can be a burden for a child or a teenager, and even young men. Please take it seriously. Inform them that there are ways to treat the pathology at the right age. My recommendation is Dr. Behrendt.

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