Patient writing a testimony

Poland Syndrome testimonials

Corrective surgery for Poland syndrome using 3D custom-made implants is a fast and simple technique with immediate results.

AnatomikModeling is collecting testimonials from surgeons who use this technique, and from their patients, to reassure patients who want to have the surgery.

It's now 12 weeks since I had the implant surgery to correct Poland's Syndrome on my left side. After 8 weeks I resumed swimming my daily 1km, tentatively at first. I now have full strength and movement back. I'm very pleased with the implant. It looks and feels like a part of me. The implant isn't a functioning muscle but I'm swimming stronger and better and I'm leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident. Not knowing I'd had the surgery, my sister-in-law even remarked to my sister that I "seem more comfortable in my own skin". People don't notice the implant but they do notice a change in me.

Graham, 62 years old, Dubaï (United Arab Emirats)

Before the surgery, it was for me an uneasiness, a discomfort when I had to be shirtless when going to the swimming pool or to the beach, for example. It discomforted me to the point that I refused some offers. I saw on the internet that the implant was the most efficient solution and the most renowned one to fill the aesthetic lack of muscle caused by Poland syndrome. The surgery was hurtful during few days but I got over it quickly (7 to 10 days), and I restarted my activities soon after it. The result is concrete and we can barely see the difference with the other side, so I’m really satisfied. The intervention brought me a rise of confidence and allowed me not to be ashamed when it comes to show my chest.

Benjamin, 17 years old, Toulouse (France)

About 6 weeks after the operation, I was able to do some sport, which is very important for me. The operation has left a 8-cm flat scar that is healing very well. Although I feel the implant, I am very satisfied with the results. The bar ends stand out a bit, but in a very discreet way. Further puncture as a postoperative measure was not necessary.

Mirjam, 25 years old, Bonn (Germany)

After the initial consultation in Normandy, they suggested lipofilling. I learned there was a Poland Syndrome specialist in Toulouse. The consultation immediately put me at ease. The recovery period went smoothly and I gained confidence. I plan to have a follow up lipofilling operation to complete the result. I am totally satisfied with the result of the operation.

Christophe, 51 years old, Bordeaux