Dr Jesús Benito Ruiz

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Dr Jesús Benito Ruiz

Cirujano plástico

Antiaging Group Barcelona

Ronda General Mitre 84 - 08021 Barcelona

+34 932 522 349

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Dr Jesús Benito-Ruiz is a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery, facelifts and breast augmentation by prosthesis or lipofilling. Graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Valencia (Spain) in 1987, he is the director of the Antiaging Group Barcelona center (whose objective is to use the best techniques and the most modern technologies to meet the challenges of plastic surgery).

Dr Benito-ruiz is currently the secretary of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and member of several scientific societies such as the American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS) or the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS).


The option of making custom-made anatomical implants based on a CBCT has heralded a radical change in the solution of problems such as pectus excavatum or the absence of pectoral muscles, that up to now has only been possible using more complex techniques involving greater complications. The Implant allows for perfectly-fitted and much finer correction than with traditional external moulds. Patients experience much better results.


Clinical case

Clinical Case 7 : Poland Syndrome treatment by Dr Benito-Ruiz

Clinical case: treatment of a significant Poland syndrome by Dr Benito-Ruiz

Clinical Scenario The patient is a 25-year-old young man with a Poland syndrome on his left side. The sternoclavicular and sternocostal parts of his pectoralis major muscle are atrophied. The costal bone plan is slightly deformed. The patient's left arm is shorter than his right arm. His deformity…...Read more