Intervista al Dott. Claudio Andreetti sul Pectus Excavatum

Interview of Dott. Andreetti about Pectus Excavatum and 3D custom-made implants


Can you present yourself?

I am Professor Claudio Andreetti and I work at Sant'Andrea Hospital in Rome. I am a thoracic surgeon specialized in the treatment of chest wall deformities, both in severe forms with open surgery and in purely cosmetic forms.

For more than ten years, I have introduced in my surgical practice the use of 3D silicone implants from AnatomikModeling for the treatment of aesthetic and severe forms of sunken chest but also the treatment of structural defects such as Poland syndrome.

What is your feedback regarding 3D implants?

I am extremely satisfied with the use of this technique: patient satisfaction is high, the result is comparable to open surgery, but with a completely different postoperative experience.

Additionally, the result is permanent and definitive.

Could you comment a specific clinical case?

I would like to talk about a very young man, twenty years old, with a mild Pectus Excavatum, without pulmonary or cardiac incidence, but with a serious psychological complex.

In this case, we decided to solve the problem with a 3D Pectus implant treatment. The implant was inserted under the muscles: after the detachment of the bilateral pectoral muscles. The surgery took approximately 45 minutes, no drains were placed, and the patient could safely be discharged the next day, 24 hours after the procedure.

In terms of postoperative pain, light analgesics were given, and the patient could quickly return to his daily life.

The aesthetic result was excellent one month after the operation. Therefore, I feel confident in saying that today the treatment of cosmetic and aesthetic forms of funnel chest have a reliable solution with the 3D custom-made implant technique.

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